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Japanese Gifts Online Shop Welcome to our Japanese gifts online shopping store! Are you looking for Japanese crafts as a collection? Are you looking for a unique gift or a handmade gift? Do you love cool Japan or know someone who does? Then you have come to the right place. Saiga has a premier collection of handmade gifts for that special someone (even if it's you)! And you can buy Japanese cool traditional handicrafts and handmade gifts at ease from overseas. Shodo and Oshie are handmade in our shop, and shipped directly to you. Sensu and Chirimen are made in Kyoto (an ancient capital in Japan) which is those birthplaces. In Shodo Special Order, we can make a single custom item for you. Each one is genuine and unique, just like that special someone, and is the best gifts from cool Japan.

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Japanese calligraphy

Shodo (Japanese calligraphy)

   You've seen people with tattoos of kanji symbols. You've seen bookmarks and mood stones. The beauty and simplicity of Shodo (Japanese calligraphy) is a true eye-catcher. It's a world of wabi-sabi. Want to decorate the kanji symbol in your room? Want to gift the kanji symbol to special someone? You can find the next kanji symbols in Shikishi and Hanshi on the left side. - Congratulations, Justice/Honor, Good faith/Sincerity, Dream, Love, Tranquility, Harmony/Peace, Smile/Laugh, Grace/Beauty, Hope, Eternity, Cordiality/True heart, Happiness, Thanks/Gratitude, Joy and Enjoy, Courage.
   Want to give new meaning to your name or someone's name? Tom can become "Plentiful Dreams", and Amy can become "Eternal Beauty". You can be customized to your request for little additional charge from the page of Shodo Special Order. Saiga Shodo (to Shikishi or Hanshi) of high quality is handwritten by a master calligrapher, not a print. The Electronic data for a tattoo stencil is not handwritten, but Gyosho font has handwritten taste.
   Commemorate a wedding, a birthday or an anniversary with a sentiment that you invent and we deliver an unique gift from Japan.

Japanese craft oshie


   Pictures and prints you hang on the wall are pretty, but flat. Oshie is a framed, hangable piece of art in 3 dimensions. Popular in the 17th-19th centuries in Japan, Oshie craft provide a unique perspective from every angle. And Oshie is handmade art and Japanese traditional handicraft made of the kimono material or Chiyogami (colorful Japanese paper).
   Do you love Japanese crafts? Are you interested in Japanese history and culture? Oshie is a fine craft for a gift or your collection.

Japanese folding fan

Sensu (Folding fan)

   Japanese fans are world-renowned for their beauty and delicacy. They are also functional, though. A high quality folding fan made in Kyoto (an ancient capital in Japan) which is the birthplace of Sensu is practical and tasteful. And beautiful in your hand.
   Are you thinking about gifts given to guests at a wedding party? Are you thinking about a gift for the Mother's Day or Father's Day? It is an good idea to choose Sensu for that gifts or an anniversary.

Japanese craft chirimen


   Cute, warm, and comfortable, Chirimen crafts made from real kimono fabric are irresistible! The fabric is boldly colored to bring attention to it.
   Why shouldn't your child's handbag (or your grandchild's coin purse) be a topic of conversation? Owl pouch, Tortoise coin purse, and Rabbit glasses holder..., lovely Chirimen gifts will please your children and grandchildren. The little ones are impatient for Christmas and Birthday. And you who bought Chirimen crafts for them will be also impatient for it.

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