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<Oshie(The picture which wrapped and pasted cotton in Japanese paper)>

Oshie is Japanese traditional craft with the history from the Edo period(1603-1867). Oshie is a three-dimensional picture pasted together after wrapping cotton (or sponge) with cloth (or Japanese paper). Since cotton is wrapped with cloth, it is also called the alias "Kurumie (wrapping picture)". Oshie was the workmanship technique which came across the sea from China, and it was prevalent after entering at the Edo period. Japan is having beautiful cloth and colorful Chiyogami from old times. So the Oshie was accepted smoothly in Japanese culture and fixed as a Japanese craft.


  1. Oshie is handcrafted one by one. The color and pattern of paper and the shape change a little with works.
  2. Due to monitor settings, color may differ from actual color.

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