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Japanese craft Oshie / Kamuro

Enlarged Photo

Kamuro (Maiko): Maiko is one of the symbols of Kyoto, and is apprentice girls to Geiko (Geiko is equal to Geisha in the Kanto region.). Maiko and Geiko are entertainers who feast her guests with Japanese dance, Samisen and songs. They formerly started to serve as an apprentice from about 10 years of age, and in the Edo period (1603-1867), apprentice girls were called Kamuro. Kamuro is a popular name in connection with the girl's bobbed hairstyle. Now, the features of Maiko are the Furisode (a long-sleeved kimono), the Pokkuri (lacquered wooden clogs), the Obi (a belt for Kimono) that hung down and the Japanese coiffure. And on a rainy day, Maiko uses the traditional umbrella made of the Japanese paper called Bangasa even now. How about the Oshie of Kamuro (Maiko) figure in the Edo period as a gift of the traditional Japanese handicrafts? (Made of paper)

Price: 7,000 Yen