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Japanese arts Oshie / Heian-kizoku

Enlarged Photo

Heian-kizoku: The meaning of "Heian-kizoku" is "the court nobles in the Heian period (794-1192)". The Japanesque culture bloomed by the Heian-kizoku who like an aesthetic life in the Heian period. Kanamoji (the Japanese-syllabary character) was produced based on Kanji, and the "Genji-monogatari (Tale of Genji)" which is the oldest long novel in Japan was written. The typical feature is beautiful figures of Heian-kizoku which layered colorful kimono. The Heian-kizoku were leading the refined life in Heiankyo (the central part of Kyoto), and were enjoying Gagaku (the court music and dance), Igo (the game of go), Kemari (a type of football played by courtiers in ancient Japan), etc. Why don't you feel the history of Japanese millennium with this tasteful Oshie? (Made of cloth)

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