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Japanese Artwork / Kurumie(Oshie) + frame#1

Kurumie (Oshie) craft is one of Japanese artwork with long history. Although Origami is famous, the normal Origami is single color. The Japanese paper using for Kurumie is Japanese paper called Chiyogami having a beautiful pattern. The past Japanese's shapes are depicted using Chiyogami and sponge. Kurumie is made by handwork one by one. So, the pattern and color of Chiyogami and the design in Shikishi differ subtly one by one. Kurumie is the Japanese artwork with warmth. Enjoy the beauty and the spirit of Japanese artwork. (These are not Oshie Kits but finished goods.)

Japanese Artwork Kurumie / Maiougi
Japanese Artwork Kurumie / Mari Asobi
'Mari Asobi'
Japanese Artwork Kurumie / Kamuro
Japanese Artwork Kurumie / Takasago

Frame Material: Wood  /  Size: 345x398x20mm (13.6x15.7x0.8in)  /  Weight: 290g(9.4oz)
Japanese Artwork Kurumie / D1frame1

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