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Japanese Calligraphy / Kanji in Shikishi + frame#2

Japanese calligraphy is one of the Japanese traditional crafts. Handwritten art will be produced when a master calligrapher uses a brush. The work of this page is writing the kanji of one character to Shikishi with Japanese calligraphy. The material of this frame is Japanese paper, and since weight is light, its mailing cost is cheap. You can buy Japanese calligraphy art works easily.

Japanese Calligraphy / Congratulations
'Shuku, Iwai'
- Congratulations -
Japanese Calligraphy / Justice, Honor
- Justice, Honor -
Japanese Calligraphy / Good faith, Sincerity
- Good faith, Sincerity -
Japanese Calligraphy / Dream
- Dream -

Calligraphy Japanese / Love
- Love -
Calligraphy Japanese / Tranquility, Serenity
'Sei, Shizuka'
- Tranquility -
Calligraphy Japanese / Harmony, Peace
- Harmony, Peace -
Calligraphy Japanese / Smile, Laugh
'Emi, Warau'
- Smile, Laugh -

Frame material: Paper  /  Size: 334x365x8mm(13.1x14.4x0.3in)  /  Weight: 400g(12.9oz)
The vinyl chloride sheet which protects a Shikishi is attached.
Japanese Kanji Caligraphy arts / shikishi A2frame1

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