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Shodou(Calligraphy) / Shikishi + frame#4

What are your favorite words? - Love, Peace or Dream? There are eight kanji symbols of framed Shodou written to Shikishi in this page. There are eight idioms written to Hanshi in other pages. Shodou Art is very nice for the interior decoration of your home and your office. Also Shodou Art of Japan is best as unique gifts. This is a frame with the stylish mat.

Japanese Shodou / Congratulations
'Shuku, Iwai'
- Congratulations -
Japanese Shodou / Justice, Honor
- Justice, Honor -
Japanese Shodou / Good faith, Sincerity
- Good faith, Sincerity -
Japanese Shodou / Dream
- Dream -

Japanese Shodou / Love
- Love -
Japanese Shodou / Tranquility, Serenity
'Sei, Shizuka'
- Tranquility -
Japanese Shodou / Harmony, Peace
- Harmony, Peace -
Japanese Shodou / Smile, Laugh
'Emi, Warau'
- Smile, Laugh -

Frame material: Wood  /   Frame color : Brown  /  Front cover: Acrylic  /  Mat color: Navyblue and White
Size: 390x420x23mm(15.4x16.5x0.9in)  /  Weight: 1200g(38.7oz)
Japanese Shodou / shikishi A4frame1

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