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<The custom-made Calligraphy, The Stencil for Tattoo, Embroidery and Sewing>

Are you looking for a Japanese gift for the precious person? You can buy the artistic handwritten Japanese/Kanji calligraphy. We will translate English names/English words to Japanese/Kanji symbols. Meishu (Master Calligrapher) writes your request to Shikishi or Hanshi in Kanji or Hiragana. And you can buy the Electronic data of Japanese (Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana) as the stencil for tattoo, embroidery and sewing. (In case of Electronic data, it is not handwritten characters.)

The way of "Special Order" is as follows.

  1. You write necessary information to "Your Order" form, and push the "Order" button.
  2. We translate your order into the Japanese character and send a quotation with a sample (Gothic font of 25 pixel) by E-mail. (This process is no charge.)
  3. When you would like to purchase it, reply to our E-mail.
  4. After we receive your E-mail, we will tell you the "Special Order Code" for your order.
  5. You input a "Special Order Code" at the bottom of this page, and put a product into a shopping cart. You do the procedure of check-out and make payment.

<Examples of the English to Japanese (Kanji) translation>

1. How to translate your name into Kanji

2. The art of calligraphy (Shodo) with your mind

3. Stencil for Tattoo, Sewing, Embroidery, etc.

  1. If your order is a sentence, a long name or the name of pronunciation which is unable to Kanji, we do not translate it.
  2. If your request is unclear, we are unable to make an estimate.
  3. Standard of the number of characters (Kanji)
    Shikishi(243x273mm / 9.6x10.7in) for one to four characters
    Hanshi (242x334mm / 9.5x13.1in) for one to six characters
  4. Price Range

Your Order
 *This is the place for your Shodo Special Order. It is NOT a free Japanese translation service. If your wish is unclear and the contents of your order are supposed to be practical joke (enumeration of names or words, dirty words, only numbers, etc.), we do not reply to you.
Which kind of work do you want? Shikishi   Hanshi   Electronic data   no idea
Do you need a frame together with a work? #1  #2  #3  #4  #6  #7  #8  nothing
  #1 - #4 for Shikishi     #6 - #8 for Hanshi
Which style of handwriting do you want? Kaisho   Gyosho   Sosho   Leave it to artist
*There are three kinds of style. Please see about the style of handwriting.
The contents of your order (Please let us know your request clearly in detail.)

Name: If your order is a name and some meanings are included in it, please write as many information as possible. If you also tell us the nickname, we can choose the suitable one for the Kanji. If your order is a Japanese name, please paste the correct kanji or write meaning of the kanji. Because the kanji for a Japanese name is not one.

Word: If your order is a word or a phrase, please write as many information as possible about it. Japanese has various words (wording) for an English word or a phrase. In order to provide the correct Japanese, please explain in detail about the word which you wish.
Request   words   male name   female name   other

* Please write in English or Japanese.

Entry Example:
Michael (male name), sounds like "my-kel" or Mickey (nickname), sounds like "mi-kee".
The country which ships
Contact Name
E-mail Address
Confirm E-mail Address

Below is the check-out counter for your order with a "Special Order Code".

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