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The One-off Art of Japanese Shodo

The shodo is a world of beauty and simplicity (wabi-sabi). Although it is simple, the shodo is a true eye-catcher. Commemorate a wedding, a birthday or an anniversary with the art of Japanese shodo. You can buy the same shodo with a different frame or without a frame. Also you can get the one and only work in the world according to your wish. Please request from the page of Shodo Special Order.

The Principles of Bushido
Gi Yuu Jin Rei
The Principles of Bushido

Frame material: Plastic
Front cover: Acrylic
Mat color: Brown damask
Size: 326x356x30mm(12.8x14.0x1.2in)
Weight: 800g(26oz)

Enso in Zen
Ware tada taruwo shiru

Frame material: Bamboo,Reed
Size: 330x1050mm(13.0x41.3in)
Weight: 370g(13.1oz)

Love, I miss you
Koi / Ichijitsu senshu
Love / I miss you

Frame material: Aluminum, Decola Edge Tape
Frame color : Blue
Mat color: LightGrey
Front cover: Acrylic
Size: 400x491x17mm(15.8x19.3x0.7in)
Weight: 1150g(40.6oz)

Enso in Zen
Enso / Tenjou mukyuu
Enso / Infinity

Frame material: Wood(Medium Density Fiberboard)
Frame color : WhiteGold
Mat color: Ivory
Front cover: Acrylic
Size: 406x482x12mm(16x19x0.5in)
Weight: 1300g(45.9oz)

Enso in Zen
Enso / Ichigo ichie
Enso / Treasure every encounter

Frame material: Plastic
Frame color : SilverGreen
Mat color: LightYellow
Front cover: Acrylic
Size: 400x491x21mm(15.8x19.3x0.8in)
Weight: 1500g(53oz)

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