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<Large/Bulk Order and Wholesale of Japanese Calligraphy in Shikishi & Hanshi>

We sell Japanese calligraphy at a discount price for your Large Order / Bulk Order. For example, for Wholesale, resale or Wedding party gifts. Japanese calligraphy will help you create the memorable wedding. You can purchase fine calligraphy at a discount price on the below conditions.

1. Discount & Discount Condition

  1. Large Order / Bulk Order: If you would like to buy the following Target Item in large quantities, we make a discount as follows.
    • 10% Discount, if your order is over 25,000 yen.
    • 15% Discount, if your order is over 50,000 yen.
    • 20% Discount, if your order is over 80,000 yen.
    • Example) Suppose you place a Bulk order "Shikishi A-005 x 50" for Wedding Party gifts. The total regular price is 105,000 yen. The Bulk order price is 84,000 yen (20% discount from the regular price / The shipping cost is not included.).
    • Free service for Bulk order customers: If your Bulk order is for Wedding party gifts, we do gift wrapping for free. Please leave it to us about wrapping paper and how to wrap.
  2. Wholesale: If you are a shopkeeper and would like to purchase our calligraphy at the wholesale price for resale, please contact us by e-mail. The target item for wholesale is same as follows.

2. Large Order / Bulk Order / Wholesale - Target Item

3. Order Process

If you would like to place a Large Order / Bulk Order, please let us know your request by E-mail. (Please write clearly the product number and quantity of your request.) We will inform you the total price and shipping cost. If you would like to place an order, please reply to our E-mail. We will inform you "Special Order Code" after receiving the reply from you. Please input a "Special Order Code" at the bottom of the Shodo Special order page, and put a product into a shopping cart. Please do the procedure of check-out and make payment. Please choose the payment method from Paypal or Credit card. Please look at available Credit Card List for details.

4. Trial Order

Before you place a Large Order / Bulk order, we accept a Trial Order. Or we might ask you place a Trial Order. Trial Order is an important process in order to deepen mutual trust. And, you can check our goods. Please place a Trial Order of 1-2 items using a shopping cart. There is no discount at the Trial Order. But if you place a Large Order / Bulk Order within a month after the Trial Order, we will deduct 20% of the Trial Order price from the Large (Bulk) Order price.

5. Shipment

Your order will be normally shipped within 1-2 weeks after confirmation of your payment. And your order will arrive with 5-8 days after shipment. The date of shipment changes with quantity of your order. The shipment is by Express Mail International Service(EMS). The shipping cost is your charge, and no discount of them.

6. Import duties

The system of Import duties varies from country to country. Please check it yourself.

7. Return

A Large order / Bulk order / Wholesale is not returnable except defective work. We recommend placing a Trial order in advance.

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