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This is a free online dictionary to learn the Kanji of Japanese used in daily life. You can look up the details and pronunciations of the Kanji. Each Kanji is presented by a grade, a stroke count, an enlarging image with Kyokasho (Kyoukasho) font, stroke order, radical, English meaning, On-yomi (phonetic reading), Kun-yomi (native Japanese reading), the example of each reading, and Irregular reading. Moreover by the audio files, you can listen to the pronunciation of reading, example, and Irregular reading. These audio files are pronounced by Japanese native speaker. An accent and intonation are Tokyo Style which is the most standard pronunciation in Japan. (Reference: NHK Japanese pronouncing dictionary)

Now you can search 3232 Kanji. These include the Joyo (Jouyou) Kanji (Grade 1-7, 2136 characters), Jinmei Kanji (Grade 8, 772 characters) and Grade 9 kanji to use in daily life. *All the Kanji lists is available contents included in this dictionary.

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